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Nikita Bellucci Rents Mikes Apartment With Her Ass

nakita kelluci

Here’s a girl who takes the idea of paying the rent with your ass literally! Nikita Bellucci is one of the latest girls to spend some time at Mike’s Apartment, and she paid the rent the old fashioned way, taking a big cock in her ass and getting cum all over her body! Check out the story of this girls hot ass fuck to pay the rent:

Nikita Bellucci hails from France and was looking for a place to stay. Like all the hot babes that pay us a visit, she was looking for some vacation fun and luckily for them, they’d have the extra money to do so. Cause all you need to stay in Mike’s Apartment is the complete package and an open mind. We don’t ask for much do we? Nikita Bellucci was one of those open minded babes ready to do anything. She was so fucking sexy and petite I wanted to fuck her myself. We had a little dildo for her as a surprise and she was truly grateful. She caressed it and put it in her tiny asshole. But it was only to get her pussy wet and leave her prepared for James. Nikita was a delight and the epitome of a freak who loves the cock in every hole!

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Horny Babe Leyla Black Gets Her Butt Fucked

While there are plenty of sites out there that claim to be all about anal, I find that some of the best anal scenes are from sites that are just straight hardcore. This set from Mike’s Apartment is an example. This is a site that is a basic reality type site (guy rents apartment to girls and let’s them pay with their ass), but the mix of sexy girls from Europe, an open minded crew of stunt cocks, and some great girl selection means that they end up with some truly hot ass fucking scenes. Like this one with Leyla Black. She’s a natural hotty, with even a fair amount of pussy hair. Best of all, she’s isn’t shy about liking to get butt fucked, and she takes that cock in her tight brown pucker with pleasure and joy. She’s even up there in a reverse cowgirl running the action to make sure she gets all of that cock in her ass!

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